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Impaired physician health can have a direct impact on patient care and safety. While all of us care about patient health and safety, we must also value and care about the physicians who are responsible for delivering patient care! With the U.S. facing a national shortage of physicians, the healthcare industry cannot afford to lose caring, talented physicians to the high stress demands that lead to professional burn-out, impaired functioning, and career dissatisfaction.

To date, most physician health programs have focused on problems of alcoholism and substance abuse. Because we understand that there is more to physician health and well-being than drug and alcohol treatment, Inner Solutions for Success offer s a variety of physician wellness services other than addiction treatment and recovery. Our services use a prevention model to address the emotional and psychological needs of healthcare providers. Our goal is to prevent dysfunction and impairment, promote work-life balance, and encourage and support physicians to lead full, productive and rewarding professional lives without sacrificing the quality of their personal life.
Services include:

  • Workshops on a variety of wellness topics including: Work-Life Balance, Burn-out Prevention, Survival Retreats, Mindfulness in Medicine, Stress Management
  • Individual, Marital and Family counseling
  • Psychosocial and psychiatric evaluations
  • Supportive counseling during high stress events (e.g. medical board investigation)
  • Physician Support Groups (theme specific)
  • Lunch and Learn in-service trainings on wellness topics
  • Referral Services

While it is paramount to identify and treat physicians impaired by drugs and alcohol, the medical profession may be more successful in achieving excellence in healthcare delivery by fostering a culture that embraces wellness through prevention and support. Please call our office for additional information.