Coach’s Corner

Prevention Strategy

Many problems in life can be avoided by using a variety of preventive measures. Just as helmets help reduce the frequency and severity of head injuries, an effective credentialing process can head off the hiring or appointment of a disruptive physician. The credentialing process should have mechanisms in place to ‘sniff out’ or uncover disruptive physicians with the goal of preventing them from joining the organization. Ideally, it is best to stop them at the door!

Proactive Intervention:

If for some reason your organization is compelled to hire a physician with a history of disruptive behavior (e.g. you live in a small rural community and they are the only cardiologist within 200 miles; he/she is a megastar that you can’t live without, although this is rarely the case!; or you are looking to create more drama in your life!), be prepared to confront his/her pattern of disruptive conduct BEFORE they come on board and begin seeing patients.

1. Set and communicate clear expectations

2. Place them on a contract

3. If there are complaints, extend the probationary period and develop a Performance Improvement Plan 

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