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Camala Boyce brings more than 17 years of experience consulting and coaching to achieve individual, team, and organizational results. Camala strategically consults with organizations to transform culture and improve business processes. She has designed and implemented systems that enhance the performance of teams, improve leaders’ and staff capacity to perform resulting in more engagement and better patient/customer outcomes.


Camala has held positions in small, mid-sized, and large organizations. Early in her career, Camala worked at The Goodyear Company, in Ohio, holding positions both within the corporate office and the business. While there, she worked with cross-functional teams and coached managers on culture change, process improvements, and, creating greater alignment between values, decisions, and leadership actions. After moving to California, Camala held a senior consultant position with the international firm, Aon Consulting. At Aon, she designed and implemented talent management systems, and worked with senior leaders on mergers, top management teams integration, and large scale change.


  • Fast-growing medical firm was experiencing leadership challenges; docs were not held accountable, staff were uncertain of roles. We started with an organizational assessment and diagnosis, sharing the data and agreeing on an approach. We led a strategic planning session resulting in an aligned vision and critical priorities around which the staff organized. Business lines were identified; the organization was re-structured with new key roles. The results were greater efficiency and more streamlined offerings.
  • Facilitated post-merger transition of two organizations of 700+ employees. Identified critical break-downs in communications that were leading to overwork, redundancy, and uncertainty in employees. Working with the top management team, facilitated training, planning and actions to resolve the most important issues resulting in a more productive and cohesive workforce. Success was evident; Board of Directors was so pleased with progress they requested on-going involvement and consultation.
  • Facilitated this newly created start-up financial services firm in strategic planning and team development. Worked with the President on top management roles, training on communications, influence, and decision-making. Organization grew revenues over 50% during duration of engagement.
  • Communications between employees and management had spiraled downward due to downsizing and other factors. Working with on-site professionals, Camala assisted in the transformation from a hierarchical-based structure to teams, providing the leaders team training, communication and accountability training. Results revealed improved teamwork, fewer grievances and improved morale.

Education and Affiliations

Camala received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron, a top-ranked program within the field. She teaches doctoral level students in group dynamics and interpersonal skills and leads Executive Education at the Rady School of Management-UCSD. Camala is a Board Certified Coach, a coach for the Center for Creative Leadership’s flagship program and the women’s program. She is certified in numerous personality assessments and developmental training programs.


Camala Boyce, Ph.D.

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